Northwest Fire District

Station 37

Tortolita Road


Station Stats

Built: 1997
Response Vehicles: Engine
Staffing: Four personnel

Fire Station 37 was built in 1997 in response to the homes and businesses that were constructed on the northwest side. This station’s primary response area is made up of mostly residential occupancies along with some businesses. Virtually all of the homes that exist in Station 37’s first due response area are situated in a wildland/urban interface setting. Station 37 also responds to the Ritz Carlton Dove Mountain Resort.

With the recent completion of Twin Peaks road connecting I-10 and areas west of the Interstate to Tangerine Road in 2010, Fire Station 37 provides responses to the North Continental Ranch area and supports Station 34’s responses as needed.

Station 37

Station 37

13001 North Tortolita Road
Marana, AZ 85653