Northwest Fire District

Station 35

Sweetwater and Ironwood Hills


Station Stats

Built: 2006

Response Vehicles: Engine, Tender, Brush

Staffing: Four personnel

Fire Station 35 was opened in 2003 to cover the southern portion of the District and reduce response times to that area. Station 35 was converted from a private residence as the best and most cost efficient option for a centrally-located site in that response area. Due to the station’s more residential setting, water supply sufficient for the demands of firefighting operations can be a challenge. As such, Water Tender 335 is stationed along with Engine 335 to supplement water resources when fighting fires in this area. Gates Pass Road, which traverses the Tucson Mountain Park area, is a region that can present complicated accident scenes and rescues due to the winding roadway and steep terrain.

Station 35

Station 35

3220 North Camino de Oeste
Tucson, AZ 85745