Northwest Fire District

Station 33

Ina and Shannon


Station Stats

Built: 2009

Response Vehicles: Engine, Haz-Mat (Hazardous Materials and Command Vehicle), Light Rescue Vehicle, Rescue EMS Captain

Staffing: Seven personnel


Fire Station 33 primarily serves residential (both single family and multi-family housing units), retail businesses and office complexes. Located at the corner of Ina and Shannon, this station was built in 2009 after an in-depth study found that relocating the station could significantly improve response times to calls in the area. The relocation took place as the result of the 2006 Standards of Coverage document which analyses and continually improves the District’s ability to respond to identified hazards within the community. Station 38 was also built and opened as a result of this in-depth analysis.

Station 33 houses the District’s emergency medical services (EMS) Captain. There is one EMS Captain for each shift who is responsible for overseeing medical operations and quality assurance programs for EMS responses. The EMS Captain functions as the safety officer for any significant fire or rescue operation.

Fire Station 33 also houses the District’s Rapid Response Team (RRT). RRT members receive specialty training in both Hazardous Materials and Technical Rescue. Along with specialized equipment, they maintain the District’s Hazardous Materials Command truck known as HZ333. HZ333 is staffed and available to respond on a regional level in the event of a large scale incident.

Station 33

Station 33

2821 West Ina Road
Tucson, AZ 85741