Northwest Fire District


Fire Investigations

The Prevention and Safety Division is responsible for the investigation of fires within the Northwest Fire District. The purpose is to identify the origin and cause of the incidents when requested to investigate.

It is the goal of our Fire Investigators to determine what happened in a fire or explosion and the factors that caused the incident.

The Fire Investigators conduct fire scene examinations, interviews and prepare reports to present to the County Attorney for prosecution. Fire and arson investigation is a complicated endeavor that requires a coordinated effort between the Northwest Fire District and the appropriate law enforcement agency. The Pima County Sheriff’s Office is the law enforcement agency that investigates crimes dealing with arson and explosion against a person or property within the unincorporated areas of Pima County and the Town of Marana Police Department is the law enforcement agency within the Town limits.

The Northwest Fire District is normally the primary investigative agency within the District, however, it is not uncommon on some fires to request assistance by local, state, and sometimes federal law enforcement agencies.  Outside resources available that may be utilized in an investigation include an accelerant detection K-9, state or federal laboratories for chemical analysis, law enforcement agents cross-trained for fire investigations, and various other resources.

An additional agency that is utilized on occasion is the National Weather Service. This agency has the capability to review weather related history, including radar to identify any possible weather related events that could have led to a fire.