Fire Prevention

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Fire Prevention

The Fire Prevention Division focuses on educating the community about the benefits of proper safety practices and identifying and eliminating all types of hazardous conditions, which pose a threat to life, the environment and property.

The Division is under the command of a Division Fire Chief designated as the District’s Fire Marshal. The Fire Prevention Division presently has a total of 11 personnel. The Fire Prevention Division is organized to provide the highest quality customer service to fulfill the Department’s mission.

The Fire District covers a diverse and unique area of responsibility as related to Fire Prevention and Life Safety. Widespread and diverse activities of commercial, industrial and residential development and operations are processed and inspected. New processes and products must be analyzed and codes and inspections kept current. Numerous and widespread fires must be investigated and the information reentered into the system to update and improve the safety of the community and our personnel.

The goal of the Prevention and Safety Division is to prevent the loss of life and damage to property and environment in the Northwest Fire District through the establishment of community partnerships, information dissemination, code development, education and enforcement, planning, review and active involvement in our community.

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