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Training Center Facilities

The NWFD Training Center is a 12.5 acre modern training facility located at 5125 W. Camino de Fuego, Tucson, AZ 85743. The Training Center includes 18,000 square feet of classroom space and training props designed to enhance public safety in Southern Arizona.
The grounds are comprised of an administration building with three classrooms, breakout rooms, library, conference room and simulation lab. In Building B there are two classrooms, copy room, weight room and an apparatus bay. There is also an Satellite classroom designated for HazMat and EMS training.

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Drill Tower

A five-story drill tower is equipped with interior and exterior stairs, elevator shaft, technical rescue training areas including rappelling, sprinkler and standpipe systems, and balconies. The drill tower is equipped with smoke generators throughout all floors and provides the ability to conduct advanced search and rescue training in simulated high rise buildings.

Burn Building

A two-story, Class A burn building with burn rooms on the first and second floor. This building is primarily used for live fire training exercises using typical scenarios found in residential, apartment, and commercial structures. The building can be used for smoke maze training, search and rescue drills, entry tactics, and other firefighting evolutions.

Hazardous Materials Props

Several props are available including a General Service Railcar, an MC312 Corrosive Liquid Tank Trailer, an MC306 Flammable Liquids Tank Trailer, and a 1 Ton Chlorine Tank. All props offer students of different training levels the ability to familiarize themselves with container design, construction, and valve arrangements. Props may be utilized in a variety of drills regarding leak control, foam application, and technical mitigation techniques.

Car Fire Prop

A portable car fire prop uses propane to create realistic and effective live car fire training scenarios.

Dumpster Fire Prop

A propane fueled dumpster fire prop used to simulate dumpster fires so crews can practice extinguishing these types of fires.

Vent Prop

This prop contains two roof designs – a pitched, asphalt shingle residential style roof and a flat, rolled asphalt commercial style roof.


Each room has seating capacity for 32 students with tables and chairs. Rooms are equipped with modern technology, including restrooms and small scale sinks and counter space. The outdoor, satellite classroom is considered a “dirty” classroom and is used for hazardous materials and EMS training. Each classroom has an outdoor pavilion area that includes outdoor seating with mobile bleacher seating areas.

Simulation Lab

The NWFD Command Training Center is a 1,350 Sq. Ft. classroom in which the students are able to participate in engaging and immersive simulations. These computer-based simulations allow us to create (or re-create) emergency incidents based on actual buildings, streets, and geographical features. With state-of-the-art incident simulation technology we can develop future Command Officers, practice incident management on incidents/scenarios yet to be encountered, and develop incident management plans for high-value target hazards.