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Firefighter Recruitment Status and Scheduling

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Firefighter Recruitment Status and Scheduling


Now that the General Aptitude Test phase is complete, we have compiled a list of the candidates who will be moving forward to the next step of the Firefighter Recruitment Process – First Interviews.

Please use the ID you created during the application process (first two [2] letters of your LAST NAME and the last four [4] digits of your SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER), to determine if you have been scheduled for a First Interview. We have attempted to fulfill your first preference for scheduling, however, your appointment may be your second or third preference. Due to the strict timeline for interviews, we are unable to reschedule due to any circumstance. If you arrive late or do not show for your scheduled appointment, you will be removed from the recruitment process.

Begining at 8:00 AM on Saturday, September 02, 2017, each candidate will be contacted by phone to notify him/her as to whether he/she is moving forward with the top 50 candidates to the 2nd interview the following week. Each candidate who is moving forward will be scheduled during this phone call for his/her 2nd interview.

There will be no posting to the website of ID #’s for this 2nd interview schedule as candidates will receive email confirmation of details.

For those moving forward, please ensure that you continue to check your status and upcoming scheduled events on this page. It is your responsibility to check our website to view your status throughout the process.


Now that the CPAT Practices are complete, those of you who are moving forward in the top 50 to the 2nd Interview and have scheduled to take the Official CPAT with Northwest Fire, please check for your appointment on September 11, 2017, on this page. The schedule will be posted by 5:00 PM on this date.

No schedule changes will be allowed. If you arrive late or do not show for your scheduled times, you will be removed from the recruitment process. You must contact us at prior to your scheduled appointment if you need to cancel, or you will be removed from the process. As long as you contact us prior to your scheduled appointment, you will remain in the recruitment process.

For those of you completing your CPAT with another licensed agency, please be prepared to present your CPAT card/certificate by September 25, 2017.

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The CPAT Practice sessions and First Interviews will be held at the NWFD Training Center:
5125 West Camino de Fuego
Tucson, AZ 85743

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Recruitment Information

Detailed information on the recruitment process can be found on the Firefighter Recruitment page

Recruitment 2017

First Interview Schedule

**POSTED 8/15/2017**

*Note: The District intended on advancing the top 100 candidates at this phase, yet due to scoring ties, 107 candidates will be moving forward.

Enter your Candidate ID # in the Search box to locate yourself on the list.

Candidate IDInterview DateTime
AG2374August 303:00 PM
AL6300August 288:30 AM
AR7194August 3011:00 AM
XB1433September 19:30 AM
BE8398September 110:30 AM
BI4235August 288:30 AM
BL4132August 311:30 PM
BL5490August 282:00 PM
BL9258August 311:30 PM
BL0140August 319:30 AM
BO0326August 303:00 PM
BR5435August 289:15 AM
BR7027August 289:15 AM
BU0539August 2910:00 AM
CA3387August 2810:00 AM
CH2876August 2810:00 AM
CO5936August 292:00 PM
CO4095August 292:30 PM
CO2378August 3011:00 AM
CO5080August 303:30 PM
CO1100August 2810:30 AM
CR3612August 282:00 PM
CR6601August 311:00 PM
DA5600August 312:00 PM
DE2193September 110:00 AM
DE3865August 2810:30 AM
DI1754August 319:00 AM
DO2169August 3110:00 AM
DR9658August 2811:00 AM
DU0596August 2811:30 AM
EM3227August 319:00 AM
FA6157August 312:00 PM
FA5835August 3110:00 AM
FE3185August 2910:00 AM
FI1644August 293:30 PM
FI2164August 309:00 AM
FL8869August 311:00 PM
FO9011August 309:00 AM
FR5542August 2811:00 AM
GI5533August 301:00 PM
GR9574August 302:30 PM
HA7874August 301:00 PM
HA3869August 313:30 PM
HA3478August 3111:30 AM
HE9354August 282:30 PM
HE8433August 292:30 PM
JA7171August 281:00 PM
JO8557August 281:30 PM
KA4720August 281:00 PM
KU0106August 3110:30 AM
KU7027August 3110:30 AM
LA9750August 282:30 PM
LE8603August 309:30 AM
LI6057August 293:00 PM
LO6342September 110:00 AM
LO6079August 309:30 AM
MA5866September 19:00 AM
MA2230August 2910:30 AM
MA1211August 293:00 PM
MA1734September 111:00 AM
MA1441August 3111:00 AM
MA0630August 3010:00 AM
MC2603August 299:30 AM
MC5134August 3010:00 AM
MC6406August 312:30 PM
MI2424August 301:30 PM
MU2679August 303:30 PM
MY8116September 111:30 AM
OH8778August 283:00 PM
OL2932September 110:30 AM
PA7434August 283:00 PM
PE5734August 283:30 PM
PI4483August 291:00 PM
PO5499August 3111:30 AM
QU4595August 2811:30 AM
QU9440August 299:00 AM
RE2209August 313:30 PM
RE7291August 281:30 PM
RH2408August 301:30 PM
RI8667August 313:00 PM
RO8420August 312:30 PM
RO7753September 19:00 AM
SA8489August 2910:30 AM
SA9847August 291:00 PM
SC8178August 299:00 AM
SE2360August 3111:00 AM
SH4563September 111:00 AM
SI9009August 291:30 PM
SI3544August 319:30 AM
SK6960August 302:00 PM
SL1107August 293:30 PM
SL6070August 302:30 PM
SN9039August 2911:00 AM
ST8263August 291:30 PM
SW2789August 292:00 PM
TA0990August 3010:30 AM
TA5900August 3011:30 AM
TH9947August 283:30 PM
TU6578August 302:00 PM
UP6843August 313:00 PM
VA5935August 299:30 AM
VE7252August 2911:00 AM
WE4153August 2911:30 AM
YA3901August 3010:30 AM
YA8343September 19:30 AM
ZA7209August 2911:30 AM
ZI6398August 3011:30 AM
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